The Cannabis Consortium™ was created in 2015 and branded as CannaSphere.org. The Cannabis Consortium™ is a not for profit organization whose main function is to provide a pipeline for all Cannabis Licensees to all levels of Cannabis Licenses for listing and selling of Cannabis.. This ultimately will allow all Cannabis Licensees to trade globally ensuring that all levels of Cannabis Businesses, small and large have access in real time to the cannabis network.

Membership to The Cannabis Consortium™ is Free. All listing and selling are Free. There is never a charge nor will we ask you for any money for anything. Here is what our Chairwoman of the Board for The Cannabis Consortium™ has to say as to why everything is FREE:

“Working with the Cannabis Industry, the producers, processors and retailers, I have started to notice a trend in the industry called Retail Gangsters. Big Corporations who have obtained their Licenses and have big budgets to spend. These Big Corporations underbid the smaller Licensees until that Licensee can no longer sustain their business, at which point the Big Corporations step in and buy their licenses as a loss to the poor Licensees who was just happy to finally be legal with cannabis. The Licensee who has now put his life savings into his dream company has lost everything.

Additionally, the two options available for posting products currently are associated with expensive memberships and costly posting fees. My Vision was to create a Place where everyone could participate regardless of the size of your company. A place where the playing field has been leveled for everyone. If we charged how would that help. The Cannabis Consortium™ is about giving that pipeline to all the players.”

Anakka Hartwell
Chairwoman of the Board
The Cannabis Consortium™