CannaTarget Platform

What can CannaTarget do for your Business?

CannaTarget is a specialized demographic targeted products platform designed to allow the cannabis and hemp ancillary vendor to create an account and post the company products for direct viewing by the Cannabis Companies that are Licensed to sell to the general public.

How does CannaTarget help me reach my target audience?

CannaTarget's artificial intelligence allows you to specifically target the exact cannabis audience with our unique "Intellitarget" and "Intellisearch." In this way you no longer waste money on advertising that only reaches a small fraction of your target audience.

What does CannaTarget do for your business? How does CannaTarget help me reach my target audience. How do I use CannaTarget to advertise to my target audience.

CannaTarget Advertising

What is Intellitargeting?

Intellitargeting is the unique algorithms developed by CannaCloud Technologies specifically for CannaTarget. This allows you to target the specific audience for selling your products. You can target Producers, Processors, Retails, and Transportations. Your companies advertising will be shown to your target audience through the pages you select for the Cannabis License. In this way your advertising dollars can be utilized to reach your exact demographic without wasting your budget on views that do not produce sales.

What is Intellisearch?

IntelliSearch is the algorithms developed by CannaCloud technologies that allow the Cannabis Licensee Business to search directly from any page on CannaSphere for products they need. The artificial intelligence seeks out the vendors on CannaTarget specific to the Cannabis Business. A few simple clicks put the buyer in front of your products for quick purchasings.