CannaSphere has formed many alliances from the first visionary day, through the code and long hours, to the launch of the final product, we were helped all along the way. Many people saw the vision we have and recognized the importance of what we are doing and invested their own time to help us along. First and foremost is Dynamic Law Group who consistently gave us advice and helped us establish our company from Agreements to State Requirements they knew all the answers. We could not have done it without them. And to all the other people along the way, too many to mention, we thank you and proudly present this product to help the Cannabis Industry, the first Social Media Platform for the Cannabis Industry.


CannaSphere is a Washington Non-Profit and does not accept corporate investments in an attempt to not be controlled by the big corporations but be free to pursue the path that is determined by our members input.

Membership is free to all Licensees in all states that have cannabis regulations for sales and transfer of cannabis.

We also provide membership to all other countries to use our platform to organize the efforts of cannabis enthusiasts to enrich all societies.

This site is but not limited to a social media site for the Licensed Cannabis Industry only.