To seek out the best technology to increase the ease of our subscribers businesses. And to create a pipeline to access for all licensees to each other. To provide robust and unparalleled customer UI/UX experience, interface, and service for our members. To provide an environment that is a mix of a social media platform with ease of access to friends and other Licensees through friends chat and to bring the industry together for the betterment of everyone. As well as a robust website that works like Netflixs with a flair of Criagslist. 

To build the corporation around the belief that we must all help each other. From open source code to dog shelters, it's about sharing, providing the best partner relationships, compliant and satisfied members all working in coordination to provide a positive outcome for our communities. Providing the bridge between state governmental agencies for contact and networking among multi-state agencies for continuity in regulations among those states and shortly, globally.  

It is our Vision that your user experience will be so enjoyable you will want to keep your site live on your phone. Build your friends now. But remember, this site if for State Licensed Cannabis business only.