CanaSphere Team

Anakka Hartwell

Chair of the Board of Directors for CannaSphere Cannabis Advocate, Cannabis Tax and Legislation writer Founder National Cannabis Recycling Project Chair Cannabis Fair Trade Association and applicant for recognition to the World Trade Association

Paul Bobrowski

Chief Operation Officer Paul Bobrowski is in his 3rd decade of practicing law, and his 4th decade of working in the IT industry, as a software engineer, architect, and principal technology officer, for companies and organizations on the west and east coasts. He has worked in many sectors: governmental, scientific, statistical, medical, financial and educational.

Val Rankov, PhD.

Chief Technology Officer Val Rankov wrote his first program in 1977 using FORTRAN IV when he was, what we would call now, "a geek". Computers stole his inocent life and gave him another in return. Decades later - no regrets.